Saturday, May 26, 2012

Getting ready to leave

Less than a month before I leave Korea. It's happening so fast, I don't even know where to start. I have set up our shipments to Okinawa. I have my tickets to the States and Okinawa. Raja is taken care of and will be coming with me to Spokane and with both of us to Seattle and then to Okinawa. MJ will come to Spokane later and then we will fly to Okinawa in early August. My summer is packed with activities and there are two classes that I really need to finish - you know those "do at your own pace" classes? Ugh, I need to finish 8 lessons for each of them but I have been putting them off. My summer activities include: St. Augustine, Florida Washington, DC Eugene, OR Seattle, WA and if there is time the famous hot springs in BC. I forgot what they are called. Teaching these last few weeks have been difficult with so much going on but I have learned if I keep my lesson plans packed with projects and hands-on activities it helps things go more quickly. By now, my 5th graders could run the classroom by themselves if they had too. We have a big play on the 11th of June that is taking a lot of our time.

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