Saturday, November 10, 2012

November in Okinawa

It doesn't feel like November. The weather here is averaging in the low 70's. It's just weird because it's dark by 6pm. I expect it to be colder. MJ has been spending his time at the wood shop trying to create shelves and tables. It's keeping him busy and I had no idea he was talented. It's going to the point where I am going to start taking orders for MJ's Custom Furniture. I have been getting ready for my Christmas Cookie Exchange Party. This is the first cookie exchange that I have ever hosted so I hope it works out. I have actually only been to one and it was so long ago that I forgot how it works. I have found some great resources at The #1 Cookie Exchange Website. The author of the website has even published a book since her site is so popular. I am a little nervous about it all but I have some great friends here. My friends have invited MJ and me to their house for Thanksgiving. It will pot-luck style. I will be making Puerto Rican Pernil, Lechon, and Arroz con Gandules. Yum!

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