Sunday, November 4, 2012

Okinawa life

It has been an insane first few months. We got here and hit the ground running with trying to find a house. We found a perfect house, paid a holding fee, and then the fee was returned to us after 3 days due to someone else getting the house. We are not quite sure how that worked, but we have had bad luck with housing in Korea too. We ended up going through six different realty companies and finally found a place! We moved in the end of August and then we had to wait an entire month to get internet. I keep telling myself that we are not in Korea anymore. The balli-balli culture is not how the Okinawans roll. I have promised myself I will start writing once a week. On Friday nights - I love my class full of crazy kids. They are so different from my Korea-kiddos but I still love them just the same. Here is a picture of our new house. It still feels really empty inside but we are working on making it a home.

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